Office Consultation Policy

Last Updated:  08/09/2023

Office Consultation: BHANDLAW, PLLC (“BHANDLAW“, “us“, “we“, or “our“) offers a 60-minute in-person or virtual Office Consultation at the current standard hourly rate of $350.  We do not offer free case evaluations or initial consultations. Office Consultations may be scheduled for domain disputes, e-commerce, and select intellectual property matters (collectively, the “Practice Areas”) only.

Scope of Office Consultation:  During the Office Consultation, we will spend up to 60 minutes reviewing your facts, discussing the laws that may apply, advising you of your legal options, and attempting to answer any other legal questions which you may have (within the scope of the Practice Areas).  Please note that Office Consultations will not include any sort of document review, drafting, revision, legal research, out-of-office contact or phone calls to third-parties or counsel, or appearances before any court, arbitrator, tribunal, or agency.  If your consultation needs fall outside of this please contact us first to discuss possible engagement or contact a different law firm. 

Acceptance of Policy; Payment of Fee:  Office Consultation fees must be paid in advance online and received not later than 24-hours in advance of the Office Consultation appointment through the provided link to LawPay™.  Office Consultation fees are earned-upon-receipt, non-refundable and will NOT be deposited in any type of client trust account.  No refunds are issued for Office Consultation “no shows”, although we may (in our discretion) offer to reschedule a no-show Office Consultation one (1) time.

Right to Decline Office Consultation or Case:  Your Office Consultation request is NOT guaranteed and is subject to the firm’s initial approval.   We reserve the right to decline an Office Consultation or to accept your case for any or no reason.

Scheduling:  Once we have received your Office Consultation request, we will contact you to schedule the appointment on a day and at a time that is mutually convenient, along with instructions for the meeting and LawPay™ link for payment of the Office Consultation fee.

Time or Work beyond Office Consultation:  Subject to “Right to Decline” above, please keep in mind that if you decide to hire BHANDLAW to do additional work beyond the Office Consultation, you will be required to enter into a formal client engagement with BHANDLAW and provide a retainer or advanced fee deposit set by us before the firm can start any work.

Privilege and Confidentiality:  Any communication you make to us prior to and during the Office Consultation will be kept and considered confidential and attorney-client privileged, regardless of whether you ultimately end up deciding to retain BHANDLAW or if your case is not accepted by us.

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