Waymo vs. Uber Saga Offers Valuable Trade Secret Tips for Businesses

Misappropriation, Trade Secrets
The year's most dramatic tech legal skirmish is set to get real later on this year, when the Waymo v. Uber trial begins.   In addition to being pretty popcorn-worthy for us IP attorneys, the clash of Silicon Valley heavyweights also provides some key lessons for businesses looking to protect their valuable trade secrets. First, a little background on Silicon Valley's made-for-HBO-original robot-car-technology-theft saga:  Ride-hailing service Uber has been developing self-driving car technology for several years now, with the implicit goal of phasing out drivers and replacing them with a fleet of automated vehicles (no more of those pesky wage or labor laws to deal with!).  Lesser-known Waymo is the self-driving car division of search-giant Google (now known as "Alphabet" but which I'll still call Google since I hate calling…
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