‘Red’ Alert: After Redbox, Is It Time to Revisit Your Online Terms of Service?

Contracts, E-Commerce, Technology, Terms of Service
In this article, we discuss one of the more recent and interesting (or, depending on your perspective, exasperating) Federal trial court decisions looking at the enforceability of online terms of service, Wilson v. Redbox, why the case matters, key takeaways for your online business, and what it should be doing in response. A brief re-cap, Wilson, a Redbox user (amazing to think it was not that long ago that we actually went to kiosks for our movies--what a hassle!) sued the popular DVD movie rental company under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (47 U.S.C. § 227) for continuing to send automatic text messages to her phone despite her having opted out. Redbox’s "Terms of Use" (represented by hyperlinks in both its kiosk and website checkout screens require mandatory arbitration of…
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