Company Start-Up

Our law firm advises early-stage businesses, their founders, and early investors throughout a company’s life- and capital raise cycle and through eventual acquisition or other liquidity event.

Phoenix Startup Attorney

We work closely with company founders and their teams in selecting the proper legal business structure and place of formation, as well as formalizing critical intra-company relationships in operating agreements, shareholder agreements, intellectual property assignments, employment agreements, and phantom stock and similar equity incentive programs, just to name a few.

As your startup matures, we advise you and your team on proposed and ongoing seed, angel, venture capital, and other third-party investors, diligently representing your interests on important economic and control terms, while balancing the interests of the company’s stakeholders with ever important demands for capital necessary to scale and monetize.

While we enjoy working with our startup clients, we’re also proud to represent established and traditional “brick and mortar” businesses from some of the Southwest’s most exciting industries, including real estate development, construction, financial services, health care, media and entertainment, and aerospace, among others.

BHANDLAW assists  closely and privately held business owners, partnerships, and directors  in dealing with anticipated and unforeseen challenges of growth, including corporate conversions, registration to do business as a foreign entity, compliance with corporate governance laws, shareholder and director meetings, notice, consents, and records maintenance.

In later-stage (or possibly earlier) transactions, our law firm helps you and your management teams  weigh, negotiate, and get you and your company prepared for, proposed or pending acquisitions, mergers, buy-outs, and other exit or expansion strategies, as well as corporate dissolution and wind up.

Our Company Startup services include the following:

  • Business entity selection and formation
  • Founder and/or shareholder agreements
  • Phantom stock and similar equity incentive arrangements for founders, key employees, and other stakeholders
  • Board of directors and advisory board composition and compensation issues
  • Director and officer indemnification issues
  • Corporate meetings, consents, and records maintenance
  • Review, negotiation, and drafting of commercial agreements with vendors and strategic partners
  • Employee and contractor NDAs and other confidentiality or proprietary information agreements and assignments
  • Review, negotiation, and preparation of commercial lease agreements and their amendments, and renewals
  • Review, negotiation, and preparation of commercial real estate purchase or sale documentation
  • Representation of founders and outside investors in funding rounds, including friends/family, incubator, seed, bridge, angel, as well as mid and later-stage funding from VC investors.
  • Asset  or equity-based acquisitions and sales, mergers, spin-offs, and restructurings
  • Company dissolution and winding up

BHANDLAW, PLLC is a business, technology, and e-commerce law firm that counsels early-stage and established companies in structuring corporate and B2B transactions, as well as intellectual property, digital media and entertainment matters. If you are a current or prospective startup founder, seed investor, or incubator looking for more information about our Start-Up legal services, feel free to call us at (602) 222-5542 or e-mail us at