Initial Case Evaluation, In-Office Consultation Policy, Terms & Conditions

Before requesting an Initial Case Evaluation or an In-Office Consultation, please take the time to read and understand the following Terms & Conditions:

  1. Initial Case Evaluation and In-Office Consultation; Reduced Hourly Fee:  BhandLaw, PLLC (the “Firm”, “us”, “we”, or “our”) offers a complimentary Initial Case Evaluation to new clients for start-up, corporate, business, technology, and intellectual property (IP) matters (for all other legal areas, we may refer you to another law firm).  The complimentary Initial Case Evaluation will only be conducted by phone or e-mail at the Firm’s sole discretion.   For new clients wanting an in-person consultation at our offices in Phoenix, the Firm charges a reduced-rate In-Office Consultation Fee for the first in-office meeting of USD $200 (or USD $350 for an on-site consultation at the new client’s place of business) for up to one hour (i.e., 60 minutes) of legal consultation with Mr. Bhandhusavee (plus $50 for each additional 15 minute block beyond the initial 60 minutes).   For in-office consultations, you will be asked to complete a brief intake form.  For In-Office or On-Site consultations, you will receive any consultation fee paid back as a one-time credit off of your first monthly billing statement if you engage the Firm within fourteen (14) days of the In-Office or On-Site Consultation.  
  2. Scope of In-Office or On-Site Consultation:  If we accept your consultation request and schedule you for an In-Office or On-Site Consultation, we will spend up to 60 minutes reviewing your factual background and/or documents (up to 15 total pages), providing an opinion of your legal situation, advising you on your legal options, and attempting to answer any initial legal questions which you may have.  The In-Office Consultation fee does not include document review in excess of that described in this paragraph, drafting, application, response, legal research, out-of-office contacts, phone calls, letter drafting, document preparation, or appearances before any court, arbitrator, tribunal, or agency.  If your requested document review involves more than 15 total pages or you are seeking any revisions of an existing document, please contact us at (602) 678-2970 or first.
  3. Acceptance of Policy, Terms and Conditions; Payment of Fee:  You must agree to the terms of this Initial Case Evaluation, In-Office Consultation Policy, Terms and Conditions and pay the In-Office Consultation Fee online through LawPay (there is no account sign-up required or cost to use this service) by clicking on this link before your scheduled consultation time.  The In-Office Consultation Fee will become earned upon completion of the In-Office or On-Site Consultation.  A Consultation Fee will not be held in a client trust account and will become the property of the Firm subject to refund.  You will be entitled to a full refund of the Consultation Fee if the Firm is unable to schedule you or is forced to cancel and cannot re-schedule you.  No refunds will be issued for cancellations inside of 24 hours of the In-Office Consultation or if you do not show up.
  4. Right to Decline Initial Case Evaluation or In-Office Consultation:  Your free initial case evaluation or In-Office Consultation request is subject to the Firm’s acceptance.  For example, we may decline to schedule an In-Office Consultation or accept you as a client if there is a potential conflict of interest or your legal problem does not fit into our practice areas.  Please do not send any confidential information or documents about your case until we have accepted your Initial Case Evaluation or In-Office Consultation request and provided you with instructions for how to send such information.
  5. Scheduling:   Once we have received your In-Office Consultation request and confirmation of consultation fee payment, the Firm will contact you to schedule the In-Office or On-Site Consultation at a time that is mutually convenient.  We will try and make every effort to accommodate your busy schedule.
  6. Time or Work Beyond In-Office Consultation:  If you want to retain us to perform additional legal work beyond the In-Office or On-Site Consultation, you agree to pay for any extra time spent at our standard hourly rates ($300 per hour for attorney Ben Bhandhusavee and $150 per hour for any associates or legal assistants), plus all out-of-pocket expenses.  As required by the State Bar of Arizona, you will also be required to sign a separate written engagement or retention letter summarizing any additional or different terms.
  7. Confidentiality:  The information that you provide to the Firm after we have cleared all ethical conflicts of interest and scheduled your In-Office or On-Site Consultation will be kept and considered strictly confidential and attorney-client privileged.

If you would still like to schedule your complimentary Initial Case Evaluation by phone or e-mail, or prefer sitting down with us for an In-Office or On-Site consultation, please complete the brief intake form on this page and hit “Submit”.  Someone from our office will be in touch with you shortly!