Initial Case Evaluation, In-Office Consultation Policy

Updated:  10/09/2019

  1. Initial Case Evaluation; In-Office Consultation; Reduced Hourly Fee;  Credit Towards Future Fees:  BHANDLAW, PLLC (“BHANDLAW”, “Firm”, “us”, “we”, or “our”) offers a complimentary initial case evaluation by phone or e-mail to new clients for start-up, corporate, business, technology, e-commerce, and select intellectual property (IP) matters.  For all other legal areas, we will refer you to another law firm that would better serve you.
    For those in need of an actual meeting with an attorney, we offer an initial in-person consultation at a discounted hourly rate of USD $200 (or USD $375 for an off-site consultation within 20 miles of our offices.    

    If you hire the Firm within fifteen (15) days of your initial In-Office or On-Site Consultation, we give back any consultation fee paid as a one-time credit towards your first monthly statement.

  2. Scope of Evaluation or Consultation:  A BHANDLAW attorney will spend up to 60 minutes reviewing your factual background, informing you of the law, assessing your legal situation, advising you on your legal options, and attempting to answer any legal questions which you may have.  Any In-Office Consultation fee will not include document review or actual drafting, application, response, legal research, out-of-office contacts, phone calls, letter drafting, document preparation, or appearances before any court, arbitrator, tribunal, or agency.
    If your consultation needs fall outside of these limitations, please call us at (602) 222-5542 or to talk to us first.
  3. Acceptance of Policy, Terms and Conditions; Payment of Fee:  We require any In-Office Consultation Fee to be online via LawPay™ by clicking on this link (there is no sign-up or extra cost to use this service!) before your scheduled appointment.
    The In-Office Consultation Fee is earned upon receipt and will not be held in a client trust account.   However, you will be entitled to a full refund of any Consultation Fee paid if we are unable to schedule you or are forced to cancel.  No refunds will be issued for no-shows.
  4. Right to Decline Initial Case Evaluation or In-Office Consultation: Your free initial case evaluation or In-Office Consultation request is subject to our acceptance.   We may decline an initial case evaluation, In-Office Consultation, or accept your case if there is a conflict of interest with an existing or past client or your legal problem does not fit into our practice areas.
  5. Scheduling:   Once we have received your In-Office Consultation request and have received the Consultation Fee, we will contact you to schedule the In-Office or On-Site Consultation at a time that works for you and us.
  6. Time or Work beyond In-Office Consultation:  If you want to hire us to do additional legal work beyond the In-Office or On-Site Consultation, you understand that you will be paying us for any extra time spent at our standard hourly rates plus out-of-pocket expenses.
  7. Privilege and Confidentiality:  Any communication you make to us will be kept and considered strictly confidential and attorney-client privileged.