Copyright Law


Our law firm’s Copyright Law practice has advised current and aspiring authors, artists, social media personalities, influencers, designers, and business owners on assessing, monetizing, licensing, and protecting their valuable rights to original works and copyrightable properties.

Copyright Law Attorney in Phoenix

It’s perhaps no surprise that Copyright Law offers up the most variety of complex legal issues of any of our firm’s practice areas and, much like our clients, we thrive on their creative energies!

Just in the past month or so, our law firm has been called upon to evaluate an author’s copyrights to a children’s book based upon her grandchild, prepare multiple DMCA notices and a counter-notice for a locally-based online retailer, and negotiate the licensing rights to a popular, online self-help course.

We work closely with creatives and holders of copyright on how best to register and protect their original works. When you are ready to exploit your copyrights, we are there to advise you in the review, negotiation, and preparation of licensing, sale, or transfer arrangements of some or all of your specific, separable copyrights to third parties.

Copyright Law services

Among the various Copyright Law activities our Phoenix law firm has either advised clients, or can assist them on, include:

  • Registration of your work or works with the U.S. Copyright Office, including:
    – literary
    – musical
    – dramatic
    – choreographic
    – pictorial, graphic, and sculptural
    – motion picture/audiovisual
    – sound recordings
    – architectural
  • Licensing agreement review, negotiation, and preparation
  • Evaluation of single works or a portfolio for potential infringement
  • Preparation of and response to cease and desist letters and infringement claims
  • Communications Decency Act (Section 230) complaints
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notices and counter-notices
  • DMCA Designated Agent services
  • Literary agent contracts
  • Book/publication agreements
  • Actor/talent agreements
  • Social media personality/influencer agreements
  • Talent option and purchase agreements
  • Celebrity booking contracts and agreements
  • Broadcast and performance agreements
  • Royalty sharing agreements

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